Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wolf Project

Been working away merrily on the Wolf film project, thusly titled: Begone Little Wolf (or else Title Pending until we come up with a final name).

The main task over the holidays we'd set was to focus on finishing the layouts for the end of Week 1. My task was to draw up the layouts for the flashback sequence at the start of the Wolf movie.

This is the roughs of the Hut interior, the home of the Wolf. The angle of the scene was to give the sense of dominance and weakness of the Wolf's position.

This is the final coloured version. Added emphasis on shadow and detail. With the help of Post-grad student, Patrick, added in some textures and fixed a fresco effect over the final image.

Next, is the close up image of the lantern that is a repeated shot throughout the flashback. I planned out the roughs before hand, getting a sense of perspective, drawing back on the emotion of dominance and weakness.

As before, fitted in some textures and added the fresco effect.

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