Tuesday, January 29, 2008

11 Second Animation

Just finished this recently. I'd started key-framing and planning out the animation well over 2-3 weeks ago, but sort of let it sit in the background as I dealt with other tasks, namely getting work.

With some animation jobs round the corner, I wanted to come back and finish this before things got too busy.

The concept was inspired from a nifty club called the 11-second club, designed to encourage animators (of all styles) to animate a character (or characters) around an 11-second sound clip from a film. I remember my friends Liam and Gemma doing 3D skits for the November entry, and figured it was worth doing just to simply test my skills.

While it's not traditionally drawn on paper, its drawn in Flash using a graphics tablet. I'm rather proud how this turned out all up.


Leath said...

Love it dave! Nice natural animation. looks like a clean version would ber really cool if u ever got around to it.

Leath said...

just watched it again and noticed u even animated to the little fabric and sniffing noises in the clip. good stuff dave!