Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hospital Film ~ Scene 02

Hospital Film ~ Scene 02 from Dave Smith on Vimeo.
Rough version of scene 02.


Gemma said...

Absolutely adorable!
I love how the doctor moves, snappy.

hehe, hole in one

Makoto said...

Hey Dave~!!
How's it going??

This is awesome~!! Such cute animation. I totes love the style and the designs of the characters :)
So cute~!

I'm so glad you are animating! Keep it up and can't wait to see more :)


Maruna said...

Oh Dave that is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!Great Animation and character! really really love it!
cant watit to see more!

Liam said...

This is awesome dude... forgive me i haven't checked ur blog in a while but i see now i've missed out on a lot of things... keep going man it's all good :D