Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Animation Ahoy!

The saga continues.

Presented my Genre and the Moving Image pitch last week, which I reckon went fairly well. I presented my investigations on the Science Fiction genre, and therefore pitched a concept for a 1950's Science Fiction parody animation, thusly named: It Came From Across the Universe.

Just a matter of seeing who would wish to assist me in bringing it to fruition.

For Visual Analysis and Critical Reflection, I have decided to investigate the spectacle of the Gold Coast Hospital. It was an idea concocted by myself and my mum (who happens to be a nurse), and would allow us to come up with an animated concept to detourn (divert) the hospital spectacle.

I paid a visit to her ward last weekend to do some sketching, observing the atmosphere, looking for symbols and such. The other nurses didn't seem to mind, and mum was all to happy to assist by pointing out various aspects.

It shall be interesting to see what we could come up with to detourn the spectacle (for better or worse).

CGI Animation is most interesting. We recently finished the task of animating a lamp rig, particularly Luxo Jr. made famous by Pixar Animation. Here's my submission:

It's a lot of fun bringing to life that in which has no life (or so we think). The movement still needs some fine tuning, and ideally I would like to put in a dust particle effect to create the look of 'debris'. Took me some time to fix up the light-linking though, since light seemed to shine out the back of Luxo Senior's head.

Amusing, but not the effect I required, so it looks better this time round.

It's both fun and frustrating to apply the principles of animation, for which I originally applied to hand-drawn elements, into a 3-dimensional universe. There are benefits and disadvantages with such ease and options, and I can see why it's important to spend the time needed to get it right. You can tell the difference when someone has just tweened two key frames in the timeline, compared to someone who's practically animated frame by frame.

Nonetheless, it's a good experience. Just hope it can score me a job.

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