Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogged but not Forgotten

With my recently restored internet, I'm figuring it would be excellent (and a challenge) to continue updating my blog with my latest happenings, even if just for me.

For those who do read up on my blog, I thank you for your support.

As an update from my previous blog, I was wrong in assuming the extra task required would be a film project. In some sense it is, but it's meant to be apart of Genre and the Moving Image, which will be in the form of a second assessment for task 2 or 3. The third assessment is an audio-visual project (essentially a short film, or an animatic) to present to our teacher.

Since the audio-visual project is meant to be about our chosen Genre to investigate, Begone, Little Wolf 2 will not be scheduled as I boasted before.

So far, it's been merely keeping up with my required tasks: assessments, animation tasks, keeping on schedule. The usual hoo-ha.

I've had small inkling to do another short film, but with no major uni-based requirement, I feel no strong need. The ideas keep coming, but I'm hesitant to begin another short film project in the event that I feel it is too difficult and quit, or get side-tracked with other commitments.

However, with our CGI-Animation teacher encouraging us to improve, collecting video clips and pushing for that little bit more, I begin to wonder if I'm doing myself an injustice. Many of my CGI clips I have made seem...average. Adequate, you could say. Enough to get a good mark, but not fantastic.

I wonder if I should be pushing myself that little extra mile, just to see what I can do, what I can prove. I stare at the short animated lamp I have recently made and think "what more could I do? What else can I push to get more feel?" But quickly it is replaced by the same feeling, "Ah, she'll be right".

I guess the same could be said for my animation film projects; that while I feel the need to test my skills again, I feel safer by not doing one.

A portion of which is because of the anxiety I felt during last years movie-making experience. While this time, it would be made entirely by myself, there's still that worry, that possible stress of having to work on a film by myself.

Perhaps this is mainly superficial and will eventually pass and bring on that need to make a new film. Slowly but surely I find time to develop new ideas and concept, ones in which could be achieved by my lonesome.

I want to be an animator. Perhaps it's time I prove it.

On a side note, Visual Analysis and Critical Reflection is turning out to be an experience in itself. I illustrate with this drawing.

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