Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Opinion

Ok, Maya doesn't suck....too much.

Sketches from today's class on rigging. We had a model to demonstrate....so it's the first chance I've had at life drawing this year.

Talked with Darren about the Hunter model and he showed me again how to properly UV texture. I felt more confident this time, and following his demonstration, I was able to fully unwrap the model, ready for Photoshop texturing.

I was originally angry and frustrated cause of how complex UV texturing was. Despite having a lesson on the subject, I was unable to follow Darren's "quick-guide-to-UV-texturing-over-four-hours" and missed many steps that left me bewildered.

I'm quite grateful to Darren for taking the time to show me the process again.

So, Maya doesn't suck....completely.

Wall-E, Jaz and Eve

Edit 17th Sept

Textured face ~ Freaky eyes

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